Saturday, June 30, 2018

On the Latest "Skagboys" (Irvine Welsh) Book

I just finished reading "Dead Man's Trousers" by Irvine Welsh. Oh man.

Renton is way too evil... and Sick Boy is marrying a crazy 'old friend' that appeared
out of nowhere (like Dawn from "Buffy", minus the supernatural justification). Begbie
 has somehow become a non-violent, well-read human being. Diane and Nikki were
 both put on a bus (I guess?) between "Porno" and "[...] Trousers". And poor old
Spud Murphy... I really liked him.

If there's another book I probably won't read it. I love Irvine Welsh, yet there's only so 
much of this I can take. The first few books were really relatable. But now? The so-called 
Skagboys are sober cats with terrible taste in music.
DJs are in, these days... but c'moan! Iggy's Iggy, ken? Ehs, likesay, immortal. Ye cannae 

forget a cat like him.
That dialect... wow. My brain's a bit 'Leithified' (Spudified?) right now. I need to
read/re-read something civilized. Like "Harry Potter".

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