Saturday, February 17, 2018

Attempted Dancing 2/17/2018

I'm attempting the same thing over and over again. By the end of the video I've nearly gotten it right. Staying in one place seems to be a problem. As does keeping my feet straight.
At least I'm making some progress...

And, no, there isn't music this time. I can be heard counting in the background.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Video/Vlog: Kid Gloves, Library Debts, and More

Halfway through I start talking about eating gold. As in, the metal. And leather boots. At least the latter makes some sense. See, I wanted to make a video that lasted at least four minutes... and I ran out of material far too quickly.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Dad is Addicted to Minecraft

No, really! It's so annoying at times. As soon as he gets home from work he snatches a soda from the fridge and, then, goes downstairs. There logs into one of my brother Keith's many computers. Next thing you know, he's working on that stupid castle of his. Click-click, he adds another dull grey brick. It's oddly depressing. I mean, how does he not get bored?

At least he still talks to people when he's playing. Today he kept joking that he wants to have my ex-boyfriend put on the no-fly list, just for kicks. Though it's not like he could really do that. That's what they call "abuse of power". My ex isn't a terrorist - he's merely terrifying.

Anyway, when Mother and I went to the bookstore last week we bought dad a few Minecraft books. Apparently there's such thing as a Minecraft expanded universe. Ye Gods. I don't even know why we need that. Aren't 95% of Minecraft players 12-year-old boys? Do those kids really read? I suppose they do.

The next time someone claims that pot isn't addictive, I'll point out that anything can be. Even peculiar, pixelated video games.

Oh, this world is strange indeed.

Painting My Nails Again

After only a few days, I "grew veary"* of that glittery purple color. So, whilst watching an episode of Poirot with my father, I scrubbed it off. I replaced it with a fantastic shade of red. 'Cherry Red', I believe it was called.

It's both vibrant and vampirish. Lovely, don't you think?

* a Rocky Horror reference.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Video: Random Talking, 2/11/2018

This video originated as a 'visual email'. That's an idea that fascinates me, see. Given how amusing it was, I felt like I ought to post it.
I mention writing something. Technically, I was supposed to write a story about something that happened Winter-Summer 2017. For some reason I cannot seem to finish it... hence, this message. Sort of. I do get off topic quite quickly.

That video wasn't for anyone. It's merely a bit of nonsense.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Random Brattiness

I'm depressed, as well as lonely. All I want to do is travel... though I can't seem to find any "companions". Traveling alone doesn't make sense. It would be boring and dangerous. Even if I went all Rosalind [from As You Like It] and dressed like a guy, it wouldn't work. Having allies is important. All adventurers ought to.

My brother has about two close friends. If one decided to run away the others would surely go with him. Why can't I know people like that? Where am I supposed to find such persons? Do they even exist? I mean, I do get along with a lot of older people. Yet they're at a different point in their lives. I can't be really close to them. Well, perhaps I could.

Lack of specific substances might be worsening these gloomy feelings. Compared to poppies, nice things like chocolate and music seem pointless. Nothing is as good, so nothing is fun. It's actually quite upsetting. Even dancing doesn't seem so great. I suppose it did a few days ago. Whatever.

How am I supposed to fix things? How am I supposed to feel better? Finding friends doesn't seem possible. I don't know where one buys drugs. Also, that's illegal. Doing illegal things isn't a good idea... even if said things aren't hurting anyone else. I wish 'poppies' could be purchased at the 7-Eleven, just like cigarettes and such. If that revolting stuff is legal...

What should I do?

Painting: a Scarlet Letter

Painting: Copy of the Bowie Mugshot

my copy

the infamous original

Collage/Painting/Thingy: Better Than Nero

For ages I've been trying to start a Rome-themed band called 'Better Than Nero'. So far I haven't gotten anywhere. Still, I've made a number of posters. This one's the artsy-ist.

By the way, the stained glass picture came from a Catholic newspaper. My granny has one sent to the house each week. Reading it can be quite fun indeed. 

Painting: a Brain on Drugs

It's more a collage than a painting. Whatever.